parquet lacquer gloss


One-component (aliphatic copolymer dispersion) water-based lacquer for parquet and wood flooring.

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No smell Gloss or Matt Colorless Ready for use. Can be used without soil. Highly resistant to wear. Contains no organic solvents!
The surface of wooden floors is coated in one layer with primer and two layers of varnish (if the primer is not used, varnished in three layers). If necessary, or if a higher surface wear resistance is required, it can be coated with additional layers of varnish. The surface is coated with the varnish by distributing the surface along the longitudinal and transverse surfaces, while the last movement is in the direction of the wood pattern. Avoid uneven coating and lacquer „scoring“. The excess of lacquer must be removed or distributed over the entire varnished surface. It is recommended that the coated surface be adjusted for up to 45 seconds after coating. After drying the first layer, the surface can be easily polished using a grinding grinder of not more than 150. For best results, all other varnish layers, other than the last one, can also be easily polished with a grinding grinder of not more than 150, before allowing the lacquer layer to dry well. Varnish only with high quality roller brushes or brushes for lacquering.

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Parquet lacquer matt

Parquet lacquer gloss