acrylic matt3

Ceiling paints ACRYLIC MATT3

Water dispersible matrix paint of styrene acrylic latex. for the interior decoration of ceilings from various mineral surfaces (plaster, gipsokarton, concrete, bricks, putty, painted wallpaper).

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Properties: good adhesion, coating, self-leveling, not leaking from vertical surfaces.
It forms a solid, vapor-permeable film. The film gets full strength and can be cleaned after 28 days. Terms of painting – the surface to be painted must be smooth, firm, clean, free of grease, dust and soot.
Not suitable for waxing, glossy surfaces. Long-lasting paints should be removed mechanically, chalky paint is washed. When painted on old surfaces, they should be covered with glossy paint, they must be primed and cleaned with dust.
Before painting the surface, it is necessary to primerate with a deep primer or primer with White Primer.
Highly absorbent and porous surfaces must be primed 2 times. Stir well before mixing!
Can be painted at ambient temperatures from + 8°C to +30°C. It is recommended to paint in two layers
at a temperature of +18°C ± 30°C and a relative humidity of <80%. The first (primer) layer should be diluted with water (no more than 10% of the volume of paint). The second layer does not need to dissolve. The second coat should be applied only after drying first, but not before 3 hours. Before drying completely, the paint is soluble in water, so it is best to wash the tools in soapy water. After drying, after painting with acrylic paint, the tools can only be washed with organic solvents, no water. When working with acrylic paint and during a break, it is advisable not to use tools (brush, roller, etc.) while sealed in a polyethylene bag to prevent the air from escaping. Keep some containers in tightly closed containers at least +4°C. Keep it free!

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Degree of gloss

Matt. By LST EN ISO 2813:2002

Coverage class

1 class

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1 liter, 3 liters, 5 liter, 10 liters

Acrylic matt 3